Dating in 2020 and into 2021

Jan 7, 2021 | Dating

Dating in 2020 and into 2021

Dating is difficult, time consuming and frustrating even in good times, but it has been pretty much non-existent since the start of Covid 19. Between lock downs and social distancing most single people have had to put their love life on hold.

If you are fortunate enough to live with your loved one or have been in a pretty serious, committed relationship you probably still got to hug, kiss and more. For the rest of us that has been but a distant memory. Sex? What is that?

I recently went back to a dating site to see what my new life in the country has to offer, with the hopes of building a social life and maybe even some romance! It would seem most of the men, and probably the women, can’t wait for life to get back to normal and for dating to resume.

I have had a few guys that wanted to invite themselves over for a glass of wine and no doubt some hanky panky (god that makes me sound old!)

Being a good citizen I have suggested we wait until the lock down is over – but I have to tell you in all honesty if life does not get back to normal soon I just may have to sneak a guy in through the back door.

Literally, my back porch door. (Get your head out of the gutter!)


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