Crete, Greece

Jul 29, 2020 | World Travel

The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete has a rich history. Its archaeological sites and historical monuments will transport you back in time. Wander the castles erected by the ancient Venetians and Byzantines, such as Kastelli in Chania, the castle of Heraklion, Kazarma castle in Sitia and others. Crete hosts 25% of the tourists to Greece, but if you head south you can escape the crowds. The natural beauty and splendid scenery will take your breath away. Rugged mountains; towering cliffs overhanding the sea; white, sandy beaches that stretch for miles and miles. Cretans are known for their hospitality and love to share their traditions. Food, drink and music are a big part of the Greek culture and Crete is famous for its healthy cuisine made with quality and fresh ingredients, especially olive oil or “Crete’s liquid gold”.


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