A Tale of Love, Passion, and Betrayal!

I have been widowed, divorced, conned, lied to, and cheated on.

This book is often humorous, sometimes sad, but mostly a truthful account of my life and experiences; THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY.  I hope you laugh, and I hope you cry.

A big part of this book is the nasty truth about online dating and mature dating in general.

I will tell you about the bad guys, scammers, and con men, working hard to steal your money, the ones that make their living taking advantage of your vulnerability, by lying to you.

I will tell you how I was conned out of $10,000 by a man I thought loved me.


One night we had a party….

There was this one guy. You know the kind…the one, all the women, find sexy, even though now I see sleazy, was a better description.

At the time, I thought he was hot. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was well built and was single. Most of the other guys had wives or serious girlfriends. This guy always showed up with someone new.

But that night, he was alone. Everyone was drinking, having a great time. Then all of a sudden, everyone was gone, including my husband.

While he had slipped away to bed, that guy was still sticking around. As the hostess, I was left alone with him, and, well, one thing led to another…

launched fall 2020 on amazon and kindle

her innocent addiction, his deadly obsession 

After a heart wrenching divorce Ashley sets up a profile on an online dating site. She is thrilled when she meets the “perfect” man in Neil. He introduces her to a world of sex and passion she never even knew existed…but along with excitement she finds it is a world of deception, cruelty and pain.

            Neil falls for Ashley, but once she discovers his lies, she refuses to see him. He becomes obsessed with her and cyberstalks her. Neil will do anything to get Ashley back. If only he were single…but divorce is not an option. Ashley must never learn what Neil is willing to do make her his!

Ashley craves the attention and power this new lifestyle brings, but she finds she is becoming addicted to online dating and putting herself in dangerous situations. She thought it was An Innocent Addiction, that what she did was not hurting anyone, until someone was killed. Ashley decides to turn the tables on Neil and all men who use and hurt women for their own needs.

Ashley is determined to catch Neil, and beat him at his game, or die doing so.




Ashley could not believe what she read!

 I can’t believe the nerve of that stupid jerk. Neil actually thinks I could still be interested in him? Does that idiot not remember that I left Him! I told him never to contact me again. What kind of an asshole is he? Ashley fumed. Like I would ever consider being with him again. I told him I wanted nothing to do with a lying, cheating pig.

 As Ashley reached over to block Neil from messaging her again…he sent another message.

 “I still love you, Ashley. We were meant to be together forever. God must agree as five years ago; he took Ellen to heaven. Now I am free to be with you!”

 Ashley read this in disbelief. What is Neil trying to tell me she wondered?

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