Jan 3, 2021 | Vintages


Buttafuoco – The Anti-Ageing Secret

It is not a place, or a grape, but a style of wine. It is made from four grape varieties; Barbera, Croatina, Uva Rara and Ughetta di Canneto which are harvested and then fermented together in the same barrel. These grapes are grown on the steep sloping hills of Lombardy. The excellent sun exposure and very particular subsoil with limestones and Alpine deposits creates a unique environment which brands the grapes grown there. The robust structure of this wine is formed by long aging in oak barrels and ends with the wine being laid down in dark cellars at a constant temperature. Tasted “young” or “mature” this tangy, classic Italian red wine has a very high alcoholic content, generous tannins and a remarkable amount of natural antioxidants, which has led to its reputation of having anti-ageing powers and being an elixir of long life.


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