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It was never my dream to become a writer, in fact, it was never even on my radar!

But after over 10 years of online dating, and all the funny and horrible stories I have told family and friends, I had heard “you should write a book” so many times, that I decided… I should!

I created gloriaM as my brand. I was going to publish SEX, CONS & ROCK ‘N ROLL (available on Amazon and Kindle) using the pen name to have some privacy, as the book is pretty personal.

Gloria Moodie


But I found I really enjoyed writing it; it became very cathartic for me. My purpose in writing it was to help others avoid being conned and catfished, and I decided the best way to do that was to be honest about who I am. That’s why I also decided to write this blog.

My dream was to become a Marketing Manager… and I did.

Raising my son is probably the biggest joy of my life, and the thing that makes me the proudest.

But when my second marriage fizzled out and my dating life was full of liars, cons and cheats, I realized I needed something more in my life… so I turned to my career.

Now at 63 years old, I want to tell you that if you want something… to go for it! You are never too old to make dreams come true.

I still love my job, but I’m thinking about retirement and more travelling. I enjoyed writing so much, and I love to read suspense thrillers, so I decided I would give it a shot at writing one.

I hope you enjoy reading HER INNOCENT ADDICTION, HIS DEADLY OBSESSION (available on Amazon and Kindle) as much as I did writing it. 

My third book is brewing in my head. It will likely be called SEXY AT SIXTY and be about a 60 year old single woman who decides to take 6 months off her normal life and go to Europe in search of adventure and maybe a little romance!  It is a Rom Com with many elements of my passions; wine, travel, adventure and ROMANCE!

I am still single, still looking and still a great catch!


My first published piece was an article for the Urban Dater blog – check it out!

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How to Avoid Being Catfished and Conned


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A Tale of Love, Passion, and Betrayal! This book is often humorous, sometimes sad, but mostly a truthful account of my life and experiences.